Our Pastor

Pastor Jason and Mrs. B

  Pastor Jason Bueckert and his wife Erin, have been faithfully serving our Lord together for the past fourteen years.  God has blessed them with five beautiful daughters and a heart to see people come to know Christ and develop a genuine relationship with Him. Being raised in a pastor's home, he had a head knowledge of what it meant to be a Christian, but did not truly accept Christ as his Lord and Savior until he was an adult.  This gives him the ability to relate to a broad range of people and an insatiable longing to see people give their hearts to Christ before their lives are in ruins.  

     Mrs. Bueckert was also raised in a Christian home, the daughter of a missionary, she too came to know Christ as an adult and has served Him faithfully since.  Serving the Lord along side her husband now, they have a desire to reach out to people from all walks of life.

Since it's creation in 2003, the Old Paths Baptist Church has had the benefit of Pastor and Mrs. Bueckert's love for God and many talents. Since assuming the Pastoral role nine years ago, Pastor Bueckert has worked a secular job to support his family as well as the church. God has now lead them to work toward full-time ministry over the next couple years. By faith he has left his full-time secular job and is pursuing the ministry here in Calgary full-time, while raising temporary support from other churches of like faith part time. It is our prayer and goal to be able to support our pastor fully within a couple of years. They are a capable family with a genuine heart for souls and the Old Paths Baptist Church is blessed to have them as their leaders. We look forward to seeing what God can and will do with our small church as we take this next leap of faith and allow God to increase our faith!

Thank you,

The Members of the Old Paths Baptist Church