Couples Retreat

Fri, March 31, 201710:00 AM

Save the Date! This years theme is 'Making Time to Take Time.' 

Each year we encourage married couples to take part in this highly relaxed and encouraging time of focusing on the marriage. There is no cost to attend though we do encourage you to book a night at a hotel to fully take advantage of the challenges which will be presented. We also ask that you register so we can be appropriately prepared, to do so simply email or call the office at 403-589-2402. We can't wait to see you there!

How to Prepare: Book the time off work, 

                           Arrange for a babysitter,

                          Book the night in your favorite hotel 

                          Register and get ready for a retreat from the cares of life to focus on building a sweeter more fulfilling marriage. We will have more information shortly. Stay tuned!